Floater is a mini helpdesk that lets you create and manage tickets directly on Slack.

It can enable your teams to submit tickets and resolve them without ever leaving Slack.

How does it work?

Imagine Slack message as a ticket

Let's say, Richa from the marketing team needs some data — maybe top 10 users — to feature in her monthly newsletter.

This data can be shared by the analytics team, say Shagun. How would Richa raise this request to Shagun?

One way is to message on the Slack channel and tag @shagun.

Shagun likely receives 7-8 such requests daily from different teams. Don't you think, it'll be tough for her to keep track of all these requests?

The other way, use the Floater app on Slack —

  1. Richa raises a ticket on Slack channel #data-requests and assigns it to @shagun.
  2. They can communicate with each other on the ticket's thread.
  3. Both of them can track tickets on the Slack app home.
  4. Finally, Shagun can share the data on the thread and close the ticket.

Watch it in action

Who can use it?

Any team that requires request management can use Floater.

IT Ops

Make it easier for employees to submit tickets. Resolve them directly on Slack.

Sales Ops

Track clients centrally. Set due dates and follow up with them diligently.

Customer Success

List down your best customers and provide visibility to your team on threads.

People Ops

Turn DMs and cluttered channels into manageable HR requests.


Free trial. Yearly subscription.

Free for 30 days, no credit card required. After that, 60 USD per year, unlimited users!

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